Saturday, June 23, 2012

TV Klan Live

File:Tv klan.pngWatch TV Klan Live online streaming television channel internet. Live Online Business and News TV Channel from Tirana, Albania. Watch free live TV Klan - Albania online. Free live Albanian TV online.

TV Klan (Televizioni Klan) is a commercial television channel with national frequency coverage based in Tirana, Albania. TV Klan is part of a larger media group including Koha Jone newspaper, Elegance Magazine, Radio Klan, TV Klan Kosova, and ABC News (Albania). In 2002, ISO rated the channel as the most highly rated in Albania with 21.5% of audience share. Starting from the joint venture of a group of French businessmen, the channel was one of the few cases of foreign media ownership in Albania. As of 2006, TV Klan covered approximately 45% of the national territory with analogue signal. The channel is available in Europe through DigitAlb and in North America through GlobeCast World TV.

TV Klan is widely known for its long-standing political show Opinion hosted by Blendi Fevziu, entertainment productions such as Kenget e Shekullit, Maratona e Kenges Popullore Qytetare, Porta e Fatit, Kutia e Fundit and a wide range of co-productions.

Since 4 March 2012, TV Klan was the first national TV channel in Southeastern Europe and Albania to begin broadcasting 24 hours a day in HD without charging additional fees to customers. The channel launched 3 other HD channels such as Klan HD, Klan Kosova HD, ABC News Albania HD, and Klan Plus HD. However, foreign productions such as films and soap operas are not broadcast in HD. In addition, the station is known for being the first in Albania to own a Satellite News Gathering Mobile Broadcasting Studio.

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