Monday, June 25, 2012

RTV Pink Live

Watch TV streaming RTV Pink live online internet right now.
RTV Pink.svgRTV Pink or Radio Television Pink (Serbian: Радио Телевизија Пинк, also known as TV Pink or just Pink) is a popular, privately-owned, national TV network in Serbia. Pink is the leading commercial station in the Serbian television broadcast market. TV Pink has gained a strong reputation for its entertainment programming. The station offers a compilation of international/domestic movies (blockbuster, action, thrillers, drama, comedy), American sitcoms, dramas and Latin telenovelas, as well as locally produced talk/variety shows, and lately domestic sitcoms and reality shows.

TV Pink's parent company is the Belgrade based Pink International Company, a member of the Pink Media Group (PMG), which is owned by Željko Mitrović. PMG also owns leading terrestrial television stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (TV Pink BH), Slovenia (TV Pink SI) and Montenegro (TV Pink M). Over the years, PMG and Pink International have provided programming from Pink TV, Pink BH and Pink M to Media Systems GmbH (Austria) for two global satellite channels (Pink Extra and Pink Plus). Additionally, Pink International has cooperated with Serbia's largest cable operator, Serbia Broadband (SBB), to create nine direct-to-home (DTH) satellite channels that include Pink, Pink Plus, Pink BH, Pink M, Pink Extra, Pink Kids, Pink Film, Pink Action, Pink Movies, Pink Family, Pink Music, Pink Folk and Pink SI.

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